Is the SimpleFOC library blocking the flash storage to save values?

Hi all!

I am using an Arduino Due to run a brushless motor with the SimpleFOC library.
I want to save some values independent from the SimpleFOC library into the persistent memory.
To do so I used the DueFlashStorage library. The problem now is, that the motor is not moving anymore after including the library and declaring DueFlashStorage dueFlashStorage;

So my question is: does the SimpleFOC library use or preserve flash memory so that it interferes with the DueFlashStorage library?
(I already had similar problems using a timer interrupt here: How to set motor speed without Commander? - #8 by Fl020)

Thanks for any help in advance,

We make no use of flash memory, and SimpleFOC does not persist anything…

Most likely there is a conflict with some peripherals used, the timers or the SPI for example…

Thanks for the info, I will try to write into the flash storage directly without using the library.