I can't get my MP6540 driver run in 6pwm

I connect MP6540 and MP730 using stm32 bluepill, it works very well when setting all the lowside pins to HIGH using 3pwm mode. But it doesn’t work when using 6pwm mode. I am using the example code bluepill_position_control.ino, just modify the code to use MA730.

Do you know what is the problem?

Hi @zhangzq71,

Great to see that 3 PWM mode is working!

Can you provide a bit more information for us so that we can get 6 PWM working, for example your code? Are you working in open or closed loop mode?

I am not sure that I am able to help your further but then the other experts on this forum have a bit more information to help solve the problem! Good luck

@zhangzq71 did you notice that mp6540 is 3pwm and mp6540A is 6pwm?

@Wittecactus , I did not read the datasheet carefully, as @Owen_Williams said MP6540A support 6pwm and MP6540 does not. I replace my MP6540 with MP6540A to try again later, thanks.

@Owen_Williams, I didn’t notice before, thanks.

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I had similar problem with 6PWM , make sure each phase high/low pwm pair needs to belong to the same timer

@JorgeMaker, I’ve read your thread before asking. And I am using PA8, PA9, PA10, PB13, PB14, PB15, they are in TIM1. I think the problem is I am using MP6540 that is 3pwm, not 6pwm as I thought.

And thanks for your SimpleFOC monitor, it is a great tool.

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