How to use 2 AS5047 to 1 SPI?

Can you give me simple instruction to connect 2 AS5047 encoder to 1 SPI?

What board are you connecting them to?

On the as5047 side you’ll need 6 connections. Vcc (3.3v or 5v to match your board). Gnd, miso, mosi, sclk and slave select.

The first 5 are shared, i.e both your sensors will be connected to the same pins on your arduino. The last pin, slave select, needs to be connected to different ‘output’ pins on your board.

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What I would do is to put them in // on the same wires excepted the ChipSelect one.
So that with these 2 CS pins you can address one or the other

The AS5047 supports daisy chain. You can clock through 32bits to read both encoders.

I don’t think that daisy chaining is supported by the SimpleFOClib

Rather use multiple Chip Select pins as stated here :

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