How to know if my BTN are Dead?

Hi all !

I had a little question for you. I ordered BTNs on Aliexpress because I needed components to test my board quickly :sweat_smile: . But I would like to know if they work before I solder them to my board. To be sure that my dev problems don’t come from the hard but from the soft.

Do you have some advice ? :wink:

And @Valentine does your BTN’s works fine? I remember that you were planning on ordering some on Aliexpress like me.

Thank you in advance


Yes, they worked. I have not stressed them but at low power I did not find any issues so far.

Unfortunately there is no way you could find out if they really work before you solder them. They go through about 1000 tests, some of them involving liquid nitrogen, some temperature controlled oven, logic analyzers, high pressure, vacuum, etc. Just attaching leads and checking if you get a signal is mostly useless.