Hoverboard controller (gd32f103) debugging

I’m trying to get simplefoc working on a hoverboard controller. It has a gd32f103 (stm clone) on it. I’m using stlink to program and can upload sketches. The stlink doesn’t support serial so I’m trying to use an usb/ftdi on its pa2/3 pins.

Anyway no debug data is coming through so I’m blind. I guess i could hook up an led and blink morse code!

Any suggestions?

This board looks like the main board of a balance car.
There are many differences between gd32 and STM32.
Can you provide specific model or information and yor connection mode?

It has serial port and supports gd32

After some major help from Max Gerhardt - I finally got debugging (breakpoints, etc) and serial working!
Here’s the issue where he helped me out:

Next to see if simplefoc will run on it!

I have my stlink connected to SWD and an ftdi usb/serial connected to PA2/PA3

TLDR: 1) I needed to use board=genericSTM32F103RC 2) The GD32 has no quartz oscillator so Max russled up some code that setup the equivalent in software and 3) I was seeing some RX/TX instability which may have been down to cable shielding, not flushing serial or running chip too fast.

@Owen_Williams Were you able to upload SimpleFOC on to your hoverboard controller?