Help with Hardware please

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for some advice for a robotic project I am trying to build. I need some hardware and software to control some DC brushless motors.

There are two types of motors. 2 of one kind and 4 of another. Both types are DC brushless type motors.

  1. The first 2 come from power tools of the same kind and have ajustable speed but no reverse. There are three pictures with a 9V battery so you can see the size. The stator has 6 coils of wire and the armature is a cylindrical laminated magnet. The motor runs a 20V li Ion battery. The copper winding wire size is approx 0.75mm. I could not find any other spec on these two motors but hey are pretty powerful as you cannot stop them with your hand on even half power. I will just trash the controllers if they are no good for the job.

  2. The other four motors are drone motors and they are of the type 12N14P. (12 coils and 14 magnets.)
    Brand Name: T-Motor
    Model: Pacer V2 P2207
    Item Name: 1950KV 6S Brushless Motor
    KV: / 1950KV
    Configuration: 12N14P
    Shaft Dimeter: 5mm
    Lead: 20AWG, 150mm
    Dimension: 28.1x31mm
    Weight: 28.4g ( exclu cable); 31.7g ( include cable)
    Input Voltage 6S
    Idle Current (10V)1.1A
    Internal Resistance 56.5mΩ|Idle Current (10V)1.1A
    Peak Current ( 60S 39.3A
    Max. Power ( 60S) 878W

Bought here:
Link removed as can’t post picture??? Anyone know how??

I am no expert on this subject but I have enough knowlegde to put it all together if I can find out what hardware/sofware combination I require. I have virtuall no budget so the cheaper the better :). This FOC I found intrugeing as it seem that the velocity mode may do the trick.

This is what I need to do. Please don’t ask me to explain this project bc I do not know all about it. I just have to control these motors in the following way.

  1. The 2 powertool motors must go backwards and forwards with their RPM sycronized as accurately as possible. The RPM range is approx 0 - 2000 RPM max. The torque must be as high as possible as the loads changes mutiple time per revolution. The load is not known with any accuracy but is much less than the power drill it came from. The motors will run in opposite directions at the same time.

  2. The four drone motors must go backward and forward and all four must have their RPM as acurately sycronized as the drill motors above. The RPM range is 0-4000 RPM Max. The torque must be as high as possible as the loads changes mutiple time per revolution. The load is also not yet known but probably less than the propellers they normally drive. Two of the four motors will run forwards and two in reverse all at the same time. These motors will be used in pairs to run 2 toothed belts … like 2 mini conveyors in sync with each other.

If I can get sugestions on the hardware/software to control these motors as above I guess I will need some position control like hall sensors. The space is very limited so I cannot use shaft positioning for drone motors and the position impulse will have to come from the belts. In the case of the drill motors there is some space for shaft positioning sensors.

The robot will not be flying FYI. The drill motor pics are the single magnet one and the drone motor is the other type with the bell armature removed.

Would be so grateful if some one can advise me. Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:


Removed as can’t post pictures. Anyone know how?