Help understanding the hardware, motor driver and mcu

Hello, I am new to FOC in general and really am thankful that this community exists. I am looking to drive 6 brushless motors (non-gimbal) for my application. Is my understanding that all you need is a brushless motor driver of any sort and a microcontroller that runs/ supports the simpleFOC library correct? As parts are in very short supply, I am looking for a motor driver that can support at least 2 motors or more.

Hi @Yelk11, welcome!

In principle you are correct. In practice there are some requirements to watch out for:

  • the brushless driver has to be of a type that supports direct control of the 3 phases, either with 3-PWM inputs or 6-PWM inputs. Many drivers already integrate the controller, and have only 1-PWM or other types of inputs, such drivers are not suitable because with SimpleFOC the controller is on the external MCU
  • the microcontroller has to support the number of IOs needed to control 2 motor drivers. If you’re going for 6-PWM + current sensing for 2 motors, this can add up to quite a few IOs…
  • the whole system has to make sense on a voltage/current level - power supply, driver and motor have to support the desired voltages and currents, and if we’re talking about higher currents (>2A) you’ll probably have to think about cooling as well.

Other than that, the library aims to support as wide a variety of hardware as possible, and users have created all kinds of setups, from large to small.

Once you’ve chosen some parts you can always post here for feedback - usually there will be some opinions :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the quick response! I was wandering why rc esc’s were not used, they seemed to be the most obvious choice, but now I see that they dont provide direct control on the phases.

Im currently eyeing the STM32G431CB, but I can only seem to buy 2 max since they are samples.

I need something that can handle 40v 13A

Thanks again!