Help Required with Simple FOC Studio


I am new to all this Sorry,

I have built a board, motor, and encoder setup, which all seem to be working but require some tuning.
I what to have a play with the Studio tool which looks very useful.

I have it all installed and getting numbers in the digital readouts but cannot get the graph to work, I am getting no data on this.

Any ideas?



Here is what you need to check:

  1. Does your setup code have the following lines?
motor.monitor_variables = _MON_TARGET | _MON_VEL | _MON_ANGLE;
command.add('M', doMotor, "motor");
Serial.println(F("Motor commands sketch | Initial motion control > torque/voltage : target 1V."));   
  1. Does your main loop code have the following lines?
  1. Did you press the Start or Stop button several times? This should start the real time graph. Unfortunately sometimes the “Start” button is labeled “Stop”.

If you connect the serial port do you see a stream of data like this?

0.5000  0.5000  34.7987 1.8777
0.5000  0.5000  31.7139 3.3590
0.5000  0.5000  32.2696 4.8663
0.5000  0.5000  32.4369 6.3924

Thanks Chap,

That seems to have got it outputting data, I added the motor.monitor() line. It is now producing graphs althought the update rate is a bit slow.

All new to me so its a bit of a steep learn curve at the moment so please bare with me.