Help getting motor initial movement

Hi I’ve been trying use simple FOC code. I’m using an Arduino and driver with 3 pwm inputs. And in the driver test, 3 pwm signals were able to go into the driver. The problem is I am struggling to get it started. Any advice for people who have struggled with this would be great.

Which arduino?

There are quite a few of them, and some of the code is MCU specific.

Which motor? And what controller ?

From your post, one could get the idea that you are just trolling SimpleFoc, since all you are saying is it is not working for you and that you have tried for ages. Could you send some images of your setup?

Your problem sounds more like a driver/wiring issue than software, a few of the built in examples will at least cause the motor to twitch if the driver is working and wired correctly.

You have to give more information to receive any meaningful help.

What tests did you perform (driver test, open loop, closed loop), are there any messages in the serial console output, describe how the motor is behaving on different tests, maybe post a video and a clear picture showing your setup?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Please post detailed hardware setup description, pictures, videos, screen grabs of debug output, as well as the exact code you are running. Just saying " wont work " is not going to help people understand where the issue is.


Still not much useful info

Try getting first just the driver working and test just the phase current first (no motor attached). You will need to measure each phase current with the voltmenter. You have an example code in the library.

Go small steps - if succesful on driver test, attach motor and check if it works in openloop mode.

If yes, continue with closed loop.

Unless you take the time and make an effort to explain the issue, I doubt anyone will be able to provide
anything else but general advic like this one