Has anyone tried inline current sensing with DRV8301? The Datasheet mentions it but I couldn't find any application guideline

I am creating a custom control board based on Seeedstudio Xiao. I need to achieve constant motor speed for my application. I wanted to use DRV8301 as my gate driver. The datasheet mentions that DRV8301 supports inline sensing. But I couldn’t find any design and application guideline for the same. The driver also supports low side current sensing but I saw that the implementation for Low Side Current Sensing is currently limited. Does anyone know if using inline current sensing on DRV8301 a good idea?


Hello and welcome to the forum.

It’s great that you are designing a new board.

May be someone with more experience here could give you some advices.

However, this is a software forum dedicated to SimpleFOC. You may not get answers to specific, off-topic hardware questions. You may be better off referring to TI’s design notes and recommendations, or approaching TI engineers directly.


Hi @manashsharma20 ,

There is no reason you can’t do inline sensing in combination with this driver, but it only has 2 current sense amps, and those are intended for low side sensing.
So your inline sensing circuitry (shunts, amplifiers or hall sensors, depending on what you want) would just be separate from the driver.