Get start hardware

Which readily available hardware to buy to drive 24 or 36V, 4.5 inch kid sized wheel, hover board motor for my DIY wheel robot.

A. Ebay and Aliexpress have many hover board motor to choose from. What specification fit my purpose? Number of pole? Hall sensor? Seem they are around 200W and more than I need.

B. For position resolution 10 or 20 degrees, can I skip the high resolution sensor? Can it be Hall-less or need Hall?

C. What hardware H-bridge driver board to buy on ebay, aliexpress, etc. Would be best if it has current sensing, seem safer that way at near zero speed?

D. Which CPU has enough speed? Arduino UNO, STMF103, or STMF4xx. Thanks

Hello @MOT
there is a long thread about hoverboard controllers and simpleFOC

I’ve tested the MKS dual FOC PLUS controller, but can’t recommend it.
From the huge list of original hoverboard controllers, I’ve been able to flash sFOC on a F030 splitboard controller and on a GD32F103.
Positional accuracy is pretty low with the hall sensors even if you use smoothingSensor from the .dev-branch.
But it also depends on your PID setup.
I had pretty tame PID settings and never tried angle-control. But the position in velocity-mode is quite soft at zero RPM.

The hall sensor give you a 4 degree resolution on hoverboard motors.

Four degrees is good. Presumably, that is the design goal for hover board for human rider

Hi o_lampe, thanks. I am looking to buy a set of suitable components from ebay, aliexpress, etc. Not reverse engineer a hoverboard.