General use question

I’m looking at using SimpleFOC in what will hopefully become a force feedback controller (a strange 1 axis sliding thing for a somewhat specialized application) but I’m happy for it to start much simpler. I’m not looking for detailed answers about how to implement this, just verification that i generally understand what can be achieved with SimpleFOC.

To start i would just like to start with the motor centering the controller and applying more resistance the further you go from center. I plan on using an AS5600 absolute encoder and controlling it with some ESP32 variation and a driver TBD, maybe some Chinese power shield, and a low Kv BLDC.

My basic understanding from reading the documentation is that by using position control to a set angle (coresponding to center) and then modify the torque limit based on the angle error should produce the basic effect I’m looking for. Is this an acurate understanding?


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You mean you need to model a linear elastic coefficient with a torsional coefficient?


Sounds about right. What i am envisioning is a handle that can slide side to side with a timing belt attached to either end which goes around a drive pully.

I’ve already made a version of this controller without the motor using an AS5600 as a position sensor outputting as a BT controller and 2 bungee cords as the centering force.

Ultimately the simple version of my question is: in closed loop positioning I can adjust the torque limit on the fly to change how hard it is to overcome the motor resistance to moving from a set position?

Yes. You could do that inside the arduino loop.