Finding a motor and motor driver

I’m hoping to do some prototyping, similar to @Rem666’s reaction wheel bicycle project, but really struggling to find the bldc motor and motor driver he used for that project. Would anyone be willing to help point me at a good combo for doing that kind of reaction wheel project? (Ideally an Amazon link, but I’m open to other retailers if that’s infeasible) I already have an arduino and IMU (using the BNO055 currently), as well as a 3d printer to make the other parts I’ll need.

I’ve already looked at the supported hardware list on the SimpleFOC github, and most of the links are dead and searching on Google/Amazon returns nothing as well… :sob:

Assuming you want to build something in a similar kind of size as @Rem666’s bicycle, some small gimbal motors will be well-suited.
Take a look at the smaller Emax, I-Power or T-Motor Gimbal motors.
All of those should work. The iPower ones are available with encoder and built in magnet, the encoder can be used in SPI mode.
There are also these. They have built-in magnets, but the encoders can’t easily be used with SimpleFOC as only the PWM lines are soldered, and PWM isn’t currently supported.

In terms of drivers, the SimpleFOC boards will work well these motors, and are simple to use, but may be a little big. One of the L298N driver boards can be a cheap and easy option to start. David’s Dagor controller (see Hackaday and this forum) could be interesting option that integrates the encoder, driver and MCU in one easy to use package. Otherwise, the world of easy-to-use and small drivers is quite limited at the moment…

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Yes, any gimbal motor depend you bicycle size. I didn’t have a small bldc driver so I used a gimbal controller.

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Do you happen to have a link for the gimbal controller you used on that bike project?

Thank you! I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on one of those gimbal motors in a reasonable timeframe. I already have a little L298N, and I saw the post about using it as a cheap (albeit really low power throughput…that thing heats up like none-other) driver option.

Otherwise, the world of easy-to-use and small drivers is quite limited at the moment…

I wonder why that niche hasn’t been filled by a company yet? Maybe the profit margins are too thin?

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Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: