Esp32 without current sensing : deviation return by software

Is it possible not to have current sensing (my assembly will be optimized for a single type of motor) and to have feedback between the setpoint and the actual position?
I am not at the millisecond.
I want to use an esp32 wroom 6pwm and hall effect sensors

Hey @Terrium7,
Yes sure, you only need the current sensing if you want to precisely control the motor’s torque.
You can use the voltage control (without current) and have a great position, velocity and torque performance as well.

If in the angle control mode you can easily display the target ( value and the actual position value (motor.shaft_angle).

For example:

void loop(){


// display the position error

These values will be used to run the FOC algorithm as well as for the motion control at the sub millisecond level on a ESP32 board.

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