ESP32 Brushless board supporting 2 motors

Hey guys, I want to introduce the esp32-simplefoc-board supporting 2 motors.

The board works well on the four-legged robot.
The pcb files wiil be available sooner. it’s small, easy to build, and inexpensive.


Very nice board (and nice keyboard too!)! Exactly what i’m looking for: Small, simple and convenient. You said it’s for esp32. does it mean that’s a stackable shield or an esp32 is directly welded on the other side ? Tell us when and where we can find it ! It’s amazing how many boards are in development, now !

Yeah, I have the same question! I guess the ESP32 attaches via the yellow pins at the top?
It looks like it is doing current sensing? What are the connectors for? And what is py-apple?

So many questions :wink:

Thanks for your attention!
py-apple is the name of the quadruped robot previously designed, which is available on Github. I believe the project will help a lot of people wanting to build four-legged-robot themselves.
The origin author is @deng

Thank you for your attention!
It will be an open source project. I will continue to update the information. :smiley:

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Hi I’m interested in your board, did you ever publish the gerber/kicad? Thanks Sam


You’re looking for this:

I have ordered this one from Aliexpress the 2.0 version. It works so well i decided to pull gerber and bom from 3.0 and ordered custom version of it from PCBWAY… they currently out of stock of L6432 but i managed to order bulk of 50 chips from alibaba for dirt cheap. So PCBway will assemble everything but IC. I think total cost of 25 boards incl assembly costed me about 55 USD (45 euro)

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@runger i see this topic is a bit dead since Jan,
if you’re interested in Toan’s implementation of simple foc its in link above.
I bumped into this one by accident and its the one im currently using. Very convienient for 2DOF projects.

Aliexpress version came in bit wonky state, lots of dry solder joints that took me days to figure our why my I2C bus 2 wasnt working and other one was shorted. Just lousy soldering. But overall board works very well and Toan include his iteration of test procedures (along with pins etc) on github.

Great, thanks. Looks good to a total newbie.

Can anyone tell me what program creates/ edits these .JSON files? How can I turn them into a Gerber?

Gerber is JSON :stuck_out_tongue:
Use EasyEDA to open them JSON files.

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Doh never noticed the extension before!

The " Foot Robot Pineapple Dog"!?! robot driven by this controller is pretty cool:

Especially at ~$150 price point on Aliexpress