Encoder - help select /verify

Will this encoder work well with SimpleFOCShield 2.0.4?

I am looking for a thruhole encoder that can support a 5mm, 1/4", and 8mm shaft for different BLDC motors I want to compare in closed loop speed control. Speed monitored from 33 - 300 RPM. I would like to get very precise control of the speed, as the intent is to get a constant speed for a turntable project (comparing direct drive vs belt drive).

Thanks for the help.

This encoder should work with SimpleFOC…


Should work. Also, do you plan on a belt driven or direct drive setup?


I am testing out both options. Direct drive with an 11pole pair gimbal motor vs the 2 pole pair motor belt driven setup I have now (currently working in open loop mode).

Thanks for the confirmation.

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