Driver for GM5208-12

Hi! I happen to have iPower GM5208-12 Motor.
I want to use it to tilt Canon 250D DSLR up/down based on the image detection algorithm using Arduino. This is a new field for me and I want to ask if SimpleFocShield will fit this purpose? Thanks!

Welcome @agt.
The camera is about 500g, what about the lens? Another 500g, or is it a beast?

Assuming you can get the lens/camera balanced nicely then i can’t see this needing that much torque.

I think that motor is 15ohms so sounds perfect. If so then a simplefoc board + arduino uno would work fine. Or you could try a storm32 gimbal controller.

You’ll also want a sensor, it probably makes sense to use mpu6050 imu. This is typically used over i2c.

There has been a fair bit of interest in balance bots recently and these share some similarity to your use case. I don’t think there are any code examples of imu/gimbal setups but i know it would be possible and we’d love to help you!

Hello and happy New Year!!! thank you for quick reply! We use kit lens now, it’s very lightweight. I’ll try simplefoc board, I’ve placed an order today :slight_smile:
Regarding a MPU6050 - fortunately I have plenty of them and have quite a lot of experience with them… But do I actually need it? My task is to track a subject, keeping it in a pre-defined position on the frame. I don’t need to know the position of the camera in the real world, because I recieve feedback based on the image. The delay of this feedback loop is around 100ms. But If I need a quicker feedback loop to operate the motor, I’ll add MPU6050 to the setup.

If you’re doing some sort of computer vision to track your subject you wouldn’t need an imu.

That being said, I would suggest you control the motors in closed loop because it’s much more efficient and will help alignment issues that might happen because of the weight of the camera.