Do anyone using SimpleFOC on Nucleo-h723zg?

I found on GitHub that stm32dunio hasn’t support Nucleo-h723zg, so simplefoc can’t run on h723zg. and I don’t know how to help support it. do anyone who knows it and help stm32dunio support h723zg?

Hi @alin, welcome to SimpleFOC forums!


Regarding the Nucleo-H723ZG, there just is no board definition for it, but it will be supported by stm32duino. There is a variant file for it.

So it is a matter of making a board definition. Personally I would use PlatformIO, where it is possible to do this without messing with the framework’s files/directories.

If someone sends me a MCU to test with, I am happy to make one for you :wink:

Otherwise, I am happy to help with advice.

thank for your advise.i need the support for h723zg right know. so could you please tell me how to make the variant file for it?
looking forward to your reply.

or maybe it’s too difficult for me.could we have a close talk? my email address is [Email Deleted]


Are you using PlatformIO or Ardunio IDE? This is a lot easier on PlatformIO… but either way this isn’t the easiest thing to do, so it may also just be simpler to order a different, supported Nucleo board…

But if you’d like to try with PlatformIO I can help, and there is a good chance it can work.

  1. You will need to download Visual Studio Code and then install the PlatformIO extension.
  2. You will also need to download the STM32CubeIDE.
  3. In PlatformIO, go to “Platforms” and install STM32 support

    (my button says “Uninstall” but yours will say “Install”
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