DJI2312/KV960 motor problem

Hello, I am testing a dji motor and the simplefoc openloop velocity code . I am not shure for the numbers of polepairs but i am using 7 pole pair. Maby this is wrong. The motor do not turning smootly. I use a arduino uno mcu and a simplefoc V2.03 with a L6234 chip. Powersupply 12V. The motor wibbling but do nut turning correct
Any tips or sugestion are welcome.

Hi there,

Please check this out, it may give you some helpful suggestions.


Thanks fine tip but i must wait until i return to my home, i have no components by the hand but i try the trick with 2 potmeters.

Is it this motor?


If so, we can see from the picture that it has 14 poles, so 7PP is correct.

So there must be a different problem. Since you’re using open loop, I think it can’t be the sensor :wink:
What is the phase resistance of this motor? One thing that could be happening is that the phase resistance is too low, the motor draws to much current for the driver, which which switches off due to OC protection. This repeats when the driver switches back on, causing the “wibbling” behaviour.
You can try setting a low voltage limit: driver.voltage_limit = 0.5V and see if it helps…

Yes, this is the same motor i test, i ame not home so i can not measure the motor resistance but i try the code adaption.

Yes this give me a better result. I start with 0.5 and than 1.0. With 1.0 it turn good. Is there no document who explain the tuning ?

Hi, @sns5400 ,

Sure there is documentation here:

But this is not really tuning, it’s just setting the voltage limit. The current flowing will depend on the voltage and the motor’s resistance (and some other, more complex factors). So if the motor resistance is too low, you have to set a voltage limit to make sure the current does not go too high.
Using I = U / R is just a simple approximation, but it is good enough to use to choose a limit…

Thanks for the info.