Disable Initial Setup Print Messages

Is it possible to disable the initial setup print statements from appearing? (shown below)

MOT: Monitor enabled!
MOT: Init
MOT: Enable driver.
MOT: Align sensor.
MOT: Skip dir calib.
MOT: Skip offset calib.
MOT: No current sense.
MOT: Ready.

Thank you for your help.

Are you using arduino ide or platform ide? What CPU is this?

Hi @Luca, Iā€™m using serial monitor on Arduino 1.8.16 for Arduino Uno

@bwm those messages are DEBUG messages. ie:
SIMPLEFOC_DEBUG("MOT: Monitor enabled!");

You can find more info on how to manage debug messages here Debugging | Arduino-FOC

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This text is printed by the Moore monitoring. The simplest way to disable them is not to use motor monitoring.
Just comment out motor.useMonitoring(&Serial);.

Here are the monitoring docs: ahttps://docs.simplefoc.com/monitoring

If you need the motor monitor to be output the motor variables, but do not want these monitoring messages at startup, then just put the line motor.useMonitoring(&Serial); after motor.initFOC();

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Thank you very much @Aleksandar_Markovic and @Antun_Skuric, that is very helpful.