Dagor 2 way version

Good morning,

Has anyone tested the 2-way Dagor version ?
This model ?


My guess is that this isn’t anything to do with @David_Gonzalez who made the original Dagor. His original dagor used a drv8305 driver whereas the design you linked I suspect doesn’t have a dedicated bldc driver chip (Just dump FETs) - this means that safety features (over current, etc) has to be done in software. If you got your software wrong on this board, I suspect it would be possible to open both high and low sides of a phase at the same time :melting_face:

Without more details of this board (e.g. schematic or how pins are connected) it would probably be quite difficult to get working.

Thank you for your answer, I will wait for David to put some cards back on sale.

The ESP could be interesting for this to do one motor loop per core, that would be cool.
It’s interesting that they seem to try and affiliate with the project with this screenshot?

Yeah… Not affiliated with me whatsoever. Part are coming back in stuck, I’ve been very busy these last weeks, but maybe I’ll have some updates about Dagor in the next month.


It’s too bad these aliexpress guys do this. They are positioned to make good stuff available economically. If they are going to put the time and expertise into designing a new board, they could properly fork the old code, document things and so on, and then roll it out with community support and approval, and then people could buy with confidence. Instead they do this pseudo-scam type stuff. Honestly I doubt they make any money doing it even.

Perhaps we could extend an olive branch. Probably they would ignore it, convinced they know the one true way, like most people most of the time…

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Yeah, they copied only my name, nothing else is in any way shape or form similar to my design.

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