Current sense with SimplefocShieldV2.0.4

Hi everyone,
I use SimplefocShield V2.0.4 and inline current sense. (R010 and GAIN 50)
My ADC highest resolution is 12 bit 3.3V so current sense Amp range is -3.3A ~ 3.3A (1.65/0.010/50), but my motor only cost below 0.2A.

Can I change SimplefocShieldV2.0.4 current sense resistance(R010) to (R030) or (R050).
Will that cause any problems?

Thank you.

0 - 3.3V? Don’t go below 0!

You can change the resistors, no problem, and then change the value in the software accordingly. As long as the actual voltage drop on the resistor stays within what is allowed for the current sense amp, it will work fine.
If you raise the value of the resistor too high, you’ll start to affect the motor’s dynamics, but for a high ohm motor and low currents you could still raise it quite a bit before it becomes a problem… 0.05Ω should be no problem.

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Yes, it is 0~3.3V.
I’ll try to change resistor.

Thanks a lot.