Cooling the FOC shield

My SimpleFOC shield IC was getting toasty, so I attached an adorable little heat pipe and fan system designed for a PI. Glued it on with arctic silver epoxy. The tiny fan takes just 40ma from the 5V supply.

I took the shield up to 2 amps and the heat exchanger was luke warm. Did not go higher because the motor was getting hot.

Probably overkill, but I could not resist trying out such a cute heat exchanger :slight_smile:


they make epoxy too??

They do make epoxy but itโ€™s not intended for CPU to heatsink thermocouple as itโ€™s a permanent adhesive.
Itโ€™s actually made for joints, corners. Mainly silver based.

While I understand why he decided on thermal adhesive, it probably would be impossible to remove heatsink from the IC itself.

Kinda overkill too. Simple 18*21mm would do just fine.

nice, I wonder about the possibilty of dunking it in deionized water. The little ion exchange beads they use for deonization, you could have a little packet in there to grab any ions out of the water in case there is stuff on the board that dissolves etc.

Could be a good method of cheap cooling for all kinds of electronics, it gets right in there no matter what shape and it would dissipate a great deal of heat at 100 degrees due to boiling etc. You could stir the water if you wanted to get fancy, probably just by submersing a little fan in there.

Most electronics are waterproof, on a mechanical basis, the issue is the conductivity of the material, I think.