Maybe possible add little idle power to Control Type::voltage. I need to prevent motor rotation if voltage = 0V or about 0V. Similar to voltage_sensor_align = 5; it can be idle_power = 2; or something similar.
Or this is bad thing?

Hey @Rem666,
I think I understand what you want to say.
Since the gimbal motors do not usually start moving until you apply at least ~0.5V we could avoid going into the region in between -0.5V and 0.5V by introducing this kind of idle_voltage variable.
This would make sure we are always in the linear part of the spectrum.

I see how this could help different applications, but I am not sure if we should include something like that in the full library release.
If there is enough of people interested, we will consider it for sure!

Thanks for answer.
No, if voltage 0V, I can freely rotate motor by hand. I want to get some resistance. Possibility set power of hold to prevent rotating by hand.

Like in velocity loop:
motor.voltage_limit = 1;

velocity = 0 stops motor and add some resistance.

Maybe I will try to use velocity loop…

Sorry for my bad english…

Hi Rem666,

Yes, it sounds very much like you want velocity control in closed loop mode. Then if you set the target velocity to 0, the motor will try to stay at 0 velocity and resist attempts to move it.

Regards from Vienna,