Controlling Dagor board powered by SimpleFOC, communication from python script in loop

I am trying dagor board for my implementation. for reference. I can control the motor with specific serial cammands as M1 for 1 radians etc. Now for my kinematic control i’m using python script. so the problem here is how can i control the motor via python in loop. if i am getting set of joint angle or forces values , how exactly can i implement hardware to software interface. #uart #usb to ttl converter is used


Hi @avinash_bhashkar

I have an example of a python script that controls the engine. It works with SimpleFOC 2.0 but you can see how the SimpleFOCDevice class is implemented to adapt it to your needs.

Next week, if I have time, I will start migrating my application to SimpleFOC 2.1.