Consulting work on simpleFOC (paid)

I’m really impressed with the simpleFOC project, but would like to move faster towards our goal.
Would any simpleFOC experts / enthusiasts / experienced users be interested in assisting me as a paid consultant for the following, as much or as little as your expertise and time allows:

  1. Understanding if simpleFOC is right for my project (I think it is)
  2. Choosing the hardware strategy
  3. Assisting / leading developing the code
  4. Assisting in bread-boarding the hardware / software design
  5. Assisting me and my colleagues in designing the driver board
  6. Consulting with testing

This be remote consulting, using zoom, email, etc.
If interested, please message me directly.

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Do you think it is realistic to drive a 1920 Kv motor with 300rpm?

Nominal speed is 15 krpm.

Yes, with forced immersion liquid cooling, low voltage and current limiting. This will be the most expensive 300rpm setup you’ll ever build. Why don’t you just get a cheap gimbal? 300rpm is only 5rps (30rad/s), that’s gimbal speed.

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Bumping. This seems interesting, anyone?


I did communicate with them. They will get back when they have a more realistic motor. 1920 kv would mean modulating voltage between 0 and 0.3v to get 300rpm. But if the PSU is only 1V ? :thinking:

How can you drive a 1V drain to source power mosfet, come on.

I was joking :upside_down_face: better to find another motor.

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Something like that would be good. About 3cm diameter, low power, low voltage, 14Ohm, 128kv.

Of course I have no idea about the use cases so I’m just spitballing here.


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Yes, that is a better fit for Kv for getting this to run slowly. We’ve used several T-motor motors in the past. This project needs something a bit smaller. I’m talking with four of our suppliers about smaller gimble motors, if possible. The motor we have that fits the form factor does list that they do custom windings, so that may be the best solution to wind it with lower Kv. Thanks all!

What about design the motor?

The motors are already designed, nothing new, why reinvent the wheel, just buy them from China for really cheap.

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They turn out to be surprisingly expensive, I had to pay like 30 bucks each for these things. The ones on aliexpress are all overstock, you can only get small amounts of each one.

Perhaps. That depends on their budget.


It certainly depends on your project. For sure China supplier solves 90% of the problems. However, there are applications like, oil and gas, space, electric vehicles, and others that I have to design the motor for my clients. It is good to think of it as an alternative, which is not common.

SimpleFOC is more than a board and a software in a framework. It is an incredible project that can be applied to any driver system. I’m trying to keep the messages as much I love what you’ve done.

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