B-g431b-esc1 (ocp/ovp)

Does the B-G431B-ESC1 support power off in case of overcurrent?
(Overcurrent and overvoltage protection feature (OCP/OVP))

According to the documentation, yes.

I’m going to add a qualifier here: the ESC1 doesn’t use an integrated driver, and the FET-driver it uses has interlocking (short-circuit) protection, but doesn’t itself offer OCP/OVP.

The current sensing on the ESC1 uses the STM32 itself as the current sense amp with its built-in op-amps. I’m guessing (I haven’t found the schematic) the OCP on the ESC1 uses the built-in comparator/op-amps, runs via the MCU, and hence will only work when you use ST-Micro’s firmware on the board. SimpleFOC does not have any OCP logic at the moment, so please be careful and try this out first carefully (maybe not with your best most expensive motor).