B-G431B-ESC1: Driver gets hot even when motor.disable()


In my use case, the motor will only run a few minutes pr hour. And I need to conserve energy.

I have noticed that the driver gets to 60 degrees (onboard temp sensor), when in the state. If I pull 12V power, but keep USB power, temperature drops close to ambient.

Is there some other state it can be brought to, to get writ of the draw?
If I print driver.pwmX_x, i get non-zero values.
25 0 26 29 27 207

Last resort would be a relay in the 12V supply, and make a 5V usb supply, but I’d rather not have to do that.

Thanks in advance.

I dipped mine in Fluorinert while testing. I’m not kidding. Novec works, too. The board is not designed to be operated without active cooling, it appears.

If there is PWM output after calling motor.disable(), there is something wrong though. There should be no output on the PWM when the motor is disabled.

Not all drivers support a disable pin, I wonder if the ESC1 maybe doesn’t have one.

We can look into this… could you post some details of your code regarding the shutdown/startup procedure?

Note that to conserve power, you can put the MCU into a sleep mode, and it can wake after a certain amount of time…

Actually, what I think you are seeing is this problem:

We promised to fix it more than a year ago :grimacing:
I will prioritise it. I don’t know if it can make the next release, but I hope the one after.