August 2021 Stock Status for Boards

This being my first BLDC project, I want to start on EZ Mode. I’m down to two options for controllers:

  1. Moteus from mjbots, which takes care of motor selection and mounting with their all-in-one dev kit.
  2. SimpleFOCShield or something else compatible with the SimpleFOClibrary.

As of 2021-08-24, the shop shows both versions of the SimpleFOCShield as out-of-stock. An announcement for the v2 board reads:

🛈 Out of stock
Will start shipping in 2nd half of July

While researching options over the last week, I’ve been watching for a stock update. The SimpleFOClibrary documentation hints at upcoming boards: Dagor and SimpleFOCPowerShield. Anyone know how soon the new boards will be available, or when the Shield v2 will be back in stock?

I don’t know when the official board will come back in stock, but search for simplefoc on AliExpress, there are some boards available, but I don’t know how good they work.

Also, if you have money, check this official demo board, it’s directly from Infineon, got very similar functionality to the Power Shield:

But be careful, IFX007 gets pretty hot and you need to run at lower PWM, with a heatsink. There is a thread on this board about it.

Hey @underactuated,

Unfortunately the production of Dagor is on hold for now due to the semiconductor shortage :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that, @David_Gonzalez. bummer.

Thanks for the suggestions, all! I placed an order for the Moteus, and I’ll keep tabs on SimpleFOC/Dagor for future projects.

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