AS5600 Limitation

Hey Guys,

im currently exploring the use of the AS5600 for Position Control.
Does someone know if this Sensor bringt any major limitation compared to a AS5047 (SPI Mode) ?
My main concern is a limitation in the max RPM the Sensor can measure.
Any informations/experience on that ?

best :slight_smile:

I think the as5600 has lower resolution (12bit vs 14bit for 5047)


I’ve used 5600 in the past. It’s a slow sensor, suited for potentiometers, and DC brushed servos running at relatively slow speeds. The most you could get from this sensor is a few hundred RPM. You will be able to use it for gimbals, however, for fast motors this sensor is not suitable. There were a few threads on this board, please search for AS5600, some others have tried and shared their experience already.


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