AS5048_I2C value fluctuates!

Hi, I have an AS5048_I2C connected to my brushless DC motor. The results are pretty good when I spin the motor shaft connected to the encoder when the simpleFOC board is not connected to power supply however the values keep fluctuating when I power up the SimpleFOC board.
The readings fluctuate between two values and they drift in time. Could you please advise?

What is your microcontroller. If you’re using esp32 or stm32 try enabling the I2C pullups.

I am using an Arduino UNO and have already soldered the pullup pads.

Arduino Uno should need them really. Have you checked if your magnet is rightly polarized?
This seems to be a very common issue unfortunately :confused:

AS5048 has a PWM output with a duty cycle proportional to the measured angle. If you have the possibility to scope this output you can verify if your sensor is working properly

Yes, it works seamlessly when the power supply is off. The moment I power up the board it starts fluctuating!

Currently I don’t have access to scope however the sensor works pretty well when the external power supply is off! As soon as I turn the power on it becomes unstable!

I’ve not written it well :smiley:
Arduino UNO does not need the pull-ups. Try without them.

Unfortunately this seems to be a pattern aslo. Here is one thread about it:

Which version of the board do you have?
What is the date on the river side?

Great, will try it without the pull-ups later.
The date is 09/2020 and I bought the board in October 2020. Not sure which version it is.
Thanks for the quick replies and the great support by the way