Arduino MEGA1280 with 6PWM

Hi, I’m working on taking RC air plane ESC(with S2101 gate drives), using 6PWM contrtol to control thses3 S2101.
I read this one topic on the modification of src\drivers\hardware_specific\atmega2560_mcu.cpp and replace the function _configureComplementaryPair
by using these pins : BLDCDriver6PWM driver = BLDCDriver6PWM(9,10,2,5,4,13);
with dead_zone setting,
I’m able to drive a BLDC motor with open loop for testing, like I did on a 328P.
I have a MEGA1280, I made a file like “atmega1280_mcu.cpp”, but it does not work to rotate the motor.
Where else should I add or modifiy to make it work with atmega1280 ?