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I have a few questions for the community here (possibly stupid questions).

  1. Given the chip shortage, how is Aliexpress still selling boards. They have a simpleFOCshield 2.0.4 now.
    and Power shields:

  2. Power shield 0.3 github says there were problems encountered. GitHub - simplefoc/Arduino-SimpleFOC-PowerShield at dev
    Does anyone know what these problems were/are or is there a discussion about this somewhere? I do find it odd that the aliexpress seller claims they are selling the 0.3 version if there are issues with it, but I can’t find anyone selling a 0.2 version.

Why is no one talking about these boards? Are they no good? Am I missing something major here?

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You are. If you read very carefully, you will see this:

> replaced with BTN7975,BTS7960

They are using obsolete chips (we are talking late 1990s design) which are very slow and will easily overheat when pushed over 5kHz.

Sometimes you get lucky, however, so who knows.

As far as the ST driver, hard to tell, perhaps they work directly with the foundries.

Roll the dice.


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Hi Valentine,

Thanks very much for you answer. This makes sense. I do have some of the simpleFOCshields 2.0.3 from the makerbase store and so far I’m having success.

I haven’t tried the power shield or the simpleFOCshield 2.0.4. But I just found something interesting from a user review photo of the power shield 0.3 board and the chips appear to be BTN8982 - which is interesting. I might give it a go.

You need to play the lotto. You are lucky.

Hi guys,

The AliExpress board in theory are completely fine and due to the shortage on our part that is the only easy way to get them.
We can not guarantee the quality of their boards so apply the strategy that almost always works. Check the reviews :smiley:

SimpleFOCShield 2.0.4 was tested and I’d encourage you of buying it. But Power Shield v0.3 still has issues. If not suggest you to buy one’s!

Hey Antun,

Thanks for your info. That’s good to hear. Do you know what kind of issues there are with the power shields? I haven’t been able to find much about them here in the forum, and I am not aware of the issues other than that they exist.

Hey @motorturner,
Yeah I am not really 100% happy with my design.
There is a lot of troubles with the power shields that i did not expect on the beginning. There is a pretty in depth thread about it in the community.

Regarding the v0.3, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the output capacitors. If you end up having one I’d suggest them to remove the capacitors. The small SMD capacitors in between the BTNs and the output terminal.

Hey Antun,

Thanks for the info. I’ll look up that discussion. Thank you for your suggestion and the information.