47uF Caps - Composite coated


Would you put these in a 2.54 header ?


The 50V or the 3000V version? :wink:

For a prototype, sure, I would try anything that can conceivably work and not worry about it. For a production unit, or something shared as open-source with others, I would stay within whatever the specs say, and not exceed it. The worry of someone losing their house (or their life!) to a fire is not something I would want.

Cap in a header, hmmm… I suppose you mean plugging it into a 2.54 pin-socket, to make it replaceable? Hey, why not, if the currents aren’t too high and it fits well mechanically… I suppose if you had a spectrometer or something like that you could investigate the effect on EMI… I’m guessing it won’t improve the EMI to do this :wink:

I will be going with 10 Amp resistors for a start. 40 amp total @12v will cover the LED´s for sure. Beside that, the largest nema 23/34 are 6 amp rated. That should narrow the precision down quite a bit, and the heat on the sense resistors will be 350mW @10amp. Let´s keep it cool :sunglasses:


Where can i find a Teensy 4.0 hoockup file ?